Digital Transformation
Dive into the world of successful change! As Die Umsetzer, we understand that digital transformation is not just a technological change, but also a cultural and organisational challenge, and above all a human one.

Discover new paths to success & accelerate the "Time to Value"!

We offer comprehensive and proactive support throughout the entire project life cycle to successfully shape change in your company

Digital Change: what does it involve?

Digital Change involves a large number of changes. It is important to understand the goals and reasons for these changes, both within the organisation and for employees. A change in mindset is critical to the success of any technical implementation. Business value and planning play a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new. Change management can unlock the time value and set the pace of transformation.

Successful through change

We guide you on the road to success

Foundation for Success
We are there to guide you successfully on the path to change!
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As a reliable partner at your side, we support you in achieving top performance in the digital transformation together as a team. 

Project Recovery
Get your project back on the road to success!
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We get your project back on track and make sure that success is guaranteed, always keeping your needs and concerns in mind. 

Post Deployment Value Recognition
Maximise success after the Rollout!
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After the Rollout, we provide active support in achieving the goals and maximising the value of the investment by involving employees in the process and providing them with comprehensive support.

Successful through digital change and effective management
What role does communication play during the change process?
Clear and transparent communication is crucial to promote understanding, acceptance and engagement. We help create a communication plan that delivers the right messages at the right time through the right channels.
How can you ensure that employees accept and support the changes?
We develop customised training concepts that use innovative methods such as gamification to promote learning and actively involve employees in the change process.
Do we offer support in measuring the success of the digital transformation?
Yes, we support you in defining KPIs and conducting change surveys to track progress and ensure targets are met.
What role does Change Management play in Digital Change?
Change Management is crucial to ensuring the acceptance of new technologies and processes, overcoming resistance to change and ensuring the smooth implementation of digital transformation.
How can companies successfully manage Digital Change?
Companies can successfully manage Digital Change by developing a clear digital strategy, training and empowering their employees, entering into innovative partnerships and promoting a culture of agility and continuous improvement.
Integrated Change Management: Key Success Factors and Common Pitfalls
57 %
of employees are not involved in the change process
50 %
of communication is one-sided without dialogue
56 %
of managers do not live the change

The Power of Change Mangement

Investment in Change Management (CM) is crucial for the success of digital transformation projects, placing a focus on people. "Change Management Powered by DU" emphasizes key success factors such as:

  • Willingness to change and acceptance during the process.
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings upon completion of the transformation, enhancing employee retention.


Targeted Change Management enhances the acceptance of new digital processes and technologies, boosts employee engagement, and elevates a company's overall performance in the digital age, as emphasized by PROSCI.


Success through Strategy: Our Methods for Sustainable Change

  • Tangible changes through measurable benefits.
  • Lifecycle approach tailored to project methodology and needs.
  • Robust Change Management plan based on the ADKAR model.
  • Integrated communication strategy.
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