We implement

We implement

We implement

Expertise that works. Development that has an impact. Working together to achieve the most suitable solutions and taking people with us.

How we operate

Three steps towards change

First Step:
Recognise problems
Fundamental analysis by our consultants

Known problems:

  • Generation clash
  • Sales stagnation
  • Spoilt organisation
  • Sustainability
  • Credibility
  • Employee motivation
Second Step:
Find the right solution
With experience and know-how at your side

Our expertise

  • Strategy
  • Realisation
  • Training
  • Leadership optimisation
  • Organisational optimisation
Third Step:
Successful realisation
Together with you to success
  • Project Management
  • Change Management & Communication
  • Leadership
  • Cultural change 

DIE UMSETZER - our name isour performance promise

We design and walk the path between the actual and the target together - pragmatic and tailor-made instead of idealistic and universal - we empower organisations and their people.

Since 2009, as a consultancy based in Vienna and Munich, we've successfully implemented projects for and with our clients alongside our founders and managing directors, Cornelia Steven and Matthias Prammer, and a team of 40 Umsetzer. We act situationally and take the right approach - with common sense and expertise, with courage and humility, understanding, empathy and passion - always with the aim of being successful together today for tomorrow.
As Die Umsetzer, we possess special expertise in Digital Transformation, Project Management, Change Management & Communication, Executive Coaching and Cultural Change.

Customised solutions that are developed in joint processes and their joint implementation are important to us. Pragmatic and customised instead of idealistic and universal. 

"We don't do what everyone else does - even if the easy way sometimes seems tempting. The most successful are often those who consciously take different, well thought-out paths."

When it comes to conceptualisation, our focus is not only on the company with its strengths and weaknesses, but especially on the people. We want to accelerate change, take responsibility and implement projects sustainably, anchor changes in the long term and thus contribute to the company's long-term success. And all this with a focus on results and a drive to achieve goals.

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